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Your Consultant is Mindi Kallas

My Story

I am a stay at home Mom of two little girls who are my life! A few months ago I wanted to start looking for a part time job because both my girls were gonna be in school all day!! But when it comes down to it there is no perfect job that you can still get your kids off to school & be there when they get home, & what about early out day?? As many other Mom's know, it's very difficult! I had toyed with the idea of trying to sell scentsy for a while & decided what the heck let's give it a try! I love the product so what can it hurt! I'm going on my 8th month of selling & it has been wonderful! It brings in that extra cash and I'm home for my kids. When I have Scentsy parties planned, it is a great time for my husband to spend time with the kids, getting homework done and other things (that honestly I need a break from once in a while..hehehe) Like I said I love this product I couldn't live without it now! My friends, family & I have so much fun with. It makes a great conversation peice! I enjoy the parties & meeting new people! And I have the time to place orders, put orders together, and make phone calls & emails on my computer while the kids are at school! I'm so happy I took that step & decided to sign up to sell! This is a great company, & i've enjoyed every minute of joining this Scentsy Team!!!<!--endbody-->